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Is there something to repair on your Harold's bag?

Write to us and send us a photo. Then we can easily find ou how we can help you.

Defects within the warranty period - if not caused by improper use - will be repaired free of charge.

We also repair defects outside the warranty at fair prices. Because it is part of our concept of sustainability to keep a bag made of good leather as long as possible (and if it seems reasonable). For this purpose you will receive an offer after having sent us a photo and a short description by e-mail to

Our know-how also allows us to repair bags from other manufacturers, especially if they are leather bags. For this you will receive an offer after you have sent us a photo and a short description to the e-mail shown above.

Important note: However, we do not repair travel cases with trolley linkage, as we do not have any spare parts available for this.

Return address:
Harold's Lederwaren GmbH
Lämmerspieler Strasse 40-42
63179 Obertshausen

The entry is always at the expense of the person or company sending it in. 

Self-repair and wearing parts

As with any product, there are also parts on leather bags, which become defective. These are often the fittings (locks, carabiners), especially when they are exposed to oscillating loads.

Other parts might be defective seams.

You can carry out most of the repairs yourself. For this purpose we keep an extensive stock of spare parts. In many cases a good shoemaker or tailor in your area can help you to extend the life of your bag. This is often quicker and less costly, as you save on shipping. Send us a photo of the defective metal part to

And finally, the leather: you should be particularly careful that the leather does not dry out. You will find information on this in our care instructions. Repairs to leather must be carried out in our workshop, especially if they involve sewing. For restoration work - including dyeing - we recommend the Lederzentrum in Roßdorf, Germany: