mailbag travel organic cotton

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1 zippered front pocket
1 main compartment for large sized folder
1 outer zippered back pocket
2 handles
1 adjustable shoulder strap, 3,8 cm wide

leather: 100% vegetable tanned cowhide
fabric: water-repellent organic cotton

made in Colombia

The mailbag travel is made of organic cotton and 100% vegetable tanned leather. The bag is worn by its adjustable strap over the shoulder. Alternatively it can be carried by hand with its handles. The handles are long enough so that the travel bag may also close over the shoulder. The format is suitable for several-days journeys. By folding up the clasp, the volume of the bag can be extended. Through a Loxx-button the bag also stays closed when the clasp is opened. Opening the zips on the side gives you a good view inside and ensures easy accessibility to the content of the bag. Both of the outer zippered pockets are very handy and spacious, one on the front and one on the back each, in which wallet, mobile phone, keys, diary and other personal accessories can be stored. The mailbag travel is offered in the two colors black/black and blue/cognac.

size 46 × 21 × 33 cm
weight 1.1 kg
Art N° 021021