Home Traveller

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1 large main compartment with metal zipper
2 short handles
Wooden stand

made in Germany

Home Traveller' is a storage object for home. The combination of a travel bag and a chest of drawers offers plenty of space for clothes and other things and makes us think about our ideas of order and mobility. The object does not need a fixed place in the home and can be placed like an accessory - sometimes here, sometimes there. When empty, it can be folded up and stowed away to save space.

Anne Lorenz was nominated for the German Design Award as a newcomer in 2012. Two years earlier, the Hamburg native had completed her studies in Karlsruhe and had already gained experience with designers in Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

Closely linked to fashion design, Anne loves playing with material, colour and form.

Size 50 × 34 × 60 cm
Weight 7 kg
Art N° AL01