COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector, 400 ml

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Aniline, nubuck, buffalo and suede leathers are unsealed or buffed leathers with a soft or velvety surface. The advantages are a pleasantly warm feel and a beautiful structure. The disadvantage is the sensitivity. Aniline or nubuck leather becomes shiny and greasy over time, stains more easily and fades more quickly. If an aniline or suede leather is still new but needs care, we recommend our Aniline Protector. It cares for the leather and protects it from drying out and fading. If there is a risk of stains, the leather should also be treated with our impregnation for suede leather after care. In case of heavy use, this should be done after one year at the latest and then more frequently. The impregnation is always applied last.

Quantity: 400 ml Aniline Protector. The quantity is sufficient for multiple treatments of a set of furniture. In rare cases with very dry leather that has not been cared for for a long time, the requirement may be higher.


First check the Aniline Protector on a concealed spot for changes. Darkening due to moistening is normal and should disappear within 2 hours. Aniline Protector contains oil to keep the leather supple and soft. Therefore, when applying, take care not to spray sensitive surfaces. The floor can be protected from spray mist with bed sheets or towels. Be careful with smooth floors, which can become slippery. The spray mist on wood, metal or plastic can be wiped off.

Apply the Aniline Protector evenly in a thin layer from a distance of approx. 30 cm. Hold the bottle vertically when doing so. Let the Aniline Protector soak in by itself. Wiping or polishing is not necessary. Only if the product is not absorbed should it be wiped off. Misting twice is sufficient. For hardened or dry leathers, the process should be repeated a maximum of three times. The duration of effect is 3 to 4 months. For leathers that are exposed to the sun, 3 months is correct. Leathers that are not used, are not exposed to the sun and are still relatively new only need to be cared for once a year. After care, exposed surfaces should be re-treated with COLOURLOCK impregnation.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the product in a spray can? Some people prefer not to use spray cans. We have made various tests with other containers. However, the best result is only obtained from pressurised containers. Aniline leather and suede are valuable, sensitive and open-pored. To keep them soft and supple, they need to be regreased. However, fats and oils cause stains on open-pored surfaces. Therefore, a fine, misted distribution is important to avoid stains and cloud formation. The finest mist can only be produced in a pressurised container. The propellants used today do not damage the ozone layer. However, it is important to observe the warnings on the back of the cans.

How much Aniline Protector should I apply? Open-pored leathers are very absorbent. Therefore, you do not get a clear indication when the application is sufficient. Two applications are sufficient. Only very old and exhausted leathers can be sprayed three times. After that, however, it is better to wait a few months before applying the next coat. If you overdose, the leather will become oily and you will feel it on the surface. It is better to give the product time to soak in. Regular, sparing care is always better for leather than infrequent, overdosed care.

Do I have to clean the leather in any way beforehand? Open-pored leathers are sensitive. Without any special reason, it is sufficient to dust or vacuum the leather dry. If there are stains or impurities, you should rather contact a specialist beforehand. You are welcome to send us pictures of the problem and we will then give you advice on what to do. Often, incorrect cleaning attempts increase the mishap.

Will my leather stop bleaching as a result of the care? The Aniline Protector contains UV filters. But like suntan lotion, a UV filter cannot completely block permanent sunlight, it only delays the process. Bright colours like red or blue fade more easily. Browns or blacks are often more resistant. Fading of open-pored leathers is part of the patina of this type of leather. With regular care, you can delay this development. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented completely.

If an aniline or suede leather is still new but needs care, we recommend our Aniline Protector. It cares for the leather and protects it from drying out and fading.

Quantity: 400 ml Aniline Protector. The quantity is sufficient for various treatsment unless the leather hasn't been cared for a long time or is very dry.