Every bag of the growing dothebag-collection is developed with great care for people who love travelling. Wearing comfort, elegant appearance and highest quality of everyday objects are the important values for the designers of the collection. In employment and in the spare time order and tidy relieve everyday life: dothebag offers comfortable and spacious bags as containers for our precious everyday objects: clothes, laptops, sports accessories, travel goods, purchases, etc.

In 1997 the first models were developed from fabrics that are used for production of convertible covers. The brand dothebag was founded in 2000, since than the clue to the relationship from joy and functionality is still the basic value in designing and developing bags, that follows the principles of elegance, durability and autonomy. After dothebag founders Prof. Sabine Winkler and Olaf Schroeder started a cooperation in a fruitful partnership with the traditional bag producers Harold’s, the variety of materials has been extended to high-quality leather. In the endeavour to offer absolute quality the most important remains in the centre: the enthusiasm of the user.