Submarine Wallet S

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1 main pocket for bank notes
2 pockets for credit cards
1 pocket for coins

leather: vegetable tanned cowhide, washed and slightly waxed
lining: color matching cotton fabric

made in India

Submarine Wallet S L is made of vegetable tanned, slightly waxed full grain cow hide. After production it is being washed as an entire bag. This unconventional process makes up the specific soft-casual look. Slightly glossy surface and fullgrain leather are making up an own expression of value. Finally, matte antic colored fittings ennobles the look of submarine styles. Submarine wallet S a is minimal wallet for those occasions, in which you want to carry only what is absolutely necessary. Bank notes are folded to half to fit. It is pleasant to wear due to the softness and the hand feel of the leather. Submarine Wallet S is offered in three colors: Black, brown and cognac.  

size 10 × 7 cm
Art N° 272004