Tank camerabag small cabrio fabric

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1 main compartment for padded inlet
incl. 3 separating partitions
1 inner pocket
1 outer zippered back pocket
1 adjustable shoulder strap, 3.8 cm wide

Following objects fit in the camera compartment
of the Tank Camerabag small:
1 camera body medium / large
(if required with attached lens)
1 lens
charging cable

Outer material

highly water repellant tent fabric, 50% cotton/ 50% polyester
with 100% vegetable tanned cowhide

Inner material
orange colored nylon

made in Colombia

Tank camerabag small cabrio is made of original convertible softtop fabric which is used in the car industry. Therefore, we use 80% leftovers from the production of convertible rooftops, the other 20% we use are new softtop fabrics. The material is pretty much water-repellent, colorfast and dimensionally stable. The design of the bag is simple, unisex and ageless. The combination of pure design, natural leather and fresh orange colored lining creates an unique image. The bag is carried by the adjustable shoulder strap.

Tank camerabag small cabrio is a professional camerabag, appearing also as a personal accessory, being able to be used as those as well. That is achieved by a removable camera compartment, a sentimental look of the leather being used, the high-quality workmanship and the timeless-individual design of the camerabags.

Tank Camerabag includes a professional removable compartment for photography equipment. The compartment is padded professionally and the arrangement inside can be adjusted individually through velcro straps. With its removable compartment the bag can either be used as a camerabag or as a messengerbag for the purpose of a personal accessory, which influences the appearance of the bag:

More than (just) a camerabag

The side flaps of the Tank Camerabag protect your gear from any kind of weather and the gallant Loxx – fasteners ensure a safe storage for all of your items.

size | size of insert
27 × 11 × 16 cm | 24 x 10 x 14 cm
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